About me

So, you decided to read more about me. Thanks! I’ll try to make myself brief, to not use too much of your time.

Three-sentence summary

I enjoy building the unbuildable, whether this be video games, clubs, companies or societis. I find the transition between the hard facts – as numbers, rules, procedures – translate to the soft – values, attitudes, behaviour – interesting. I commonly call all these “game design” (and don’t care that it’s not).


I usually enjoy all manner of games, from the deeply strategic and think-y to the fast, reaction-based racer. From the mobile bird-fling to the PC role-playing experience. From the most comically over-the-top to the gritty, dark and down-to-earth. From the most fantastical fantasy and science fiction to the historically correct.

After playing games since childhood, I started a blog (this one!), attended the Game Development – Design at University of Skövde 2008-2011 and graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science (in reality, game design) and been starting up the game development studio Coilworks since December 2010.

During the student years, I managed to run two hobby-projects aside from the two university projects as well as attending three game jams. While doing my bachelor thesis, I co-founded the development studio Coilworks with a few friends, which I was part of running for 2,5 years.


I strongly believe people do their best are at their best when they’re free to be true to themselves.

During my student years, I worked very actively within the local student union, working my way up from a branch of the union, via running a gamer club of 150 members, to getting elected on the union board, representing in the union council and representing the union at the national level. But back then I didn’t really want to join party politics – it was too much nagging.

Ironically, The Tragedy in July 2011 made me to finally act, and I joined the Liberal Party’s youth wing. Between working unpaid at a start-up, studying to make money and spending time working with a student pub (more on that below), there wasn’t much time to spend doing anything useful. However, I found that to do “something useful”, I should join the party, which I did in July 2012.

Other Stuff

I greatly enjoy learning new stuff, whether this is history, religion, physics, math, rethorics, economics, marketing, dramaturgy…. all knowledge is useful knowledge!

Another instance of this “want to know everything there is to know”-attitude, I joined the student pub crew during my studies despite not knowing a dime about party life. Suffice to say, I failed the first time, but was welcome back after a few months. A year or so of game projects, company start and bachelor thesis later, I re-joined, and has been a welcome part ever since.


Please see my LinkedIN-profile for more details. Feel free to send me a message if it catches your interest!

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