(Another) blog revision

After the last update, I suddenly felt like starting this again. So, after going through the layout, the blog name (it was really cheesy), fixing a good category system that should include most of the stuff I want to write about and categorizing all archived post, I’m ready for another run. And I so want to begin with Why Politics is Game Design.

Before I do that, I’ll just reflect on two things: First, I’ve already said this very same thing on this very same blog at least three times the last four years. It usually hasn’t worked. Will it now? I don’t know! I guess it’ll keep up as long as I find this fun (rather than something “I should do”, get bad conscience about, and then avoid). Secondly, this blog name has been used before. Despite it being called “a flood of thoughts”, that flood has often dried out before I’ve even opened the mind dam. It probably connects to the “feeling bad about not updating”-thing. So I won’t promise I will actually keep that title’s trueness this time.

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