Internet – The Social Metaweb

I sometimes get the feeling that the Internet is starting to become just a network of social networks. Sure, I know there’s so much more, but they all feed into a social network sooner or later. Myself, I already use a number of these networks and services, that all link to each other. Initially just to clear my mind, I assembled this map basically only showing how I’ve connected all these social networks into… a network. In other words, my social metanetwork.

Social Media Forwarding Map

Of course, this is a rough prototype – for any formal use, I would give it more thought (and make it pretty), but it drives the point home. By writing this post, I’ll show it on no less than three networks by only forwarding stuff back and forth. The same goes with any activity on Foursquare or Youtube.

It’s not that I don’t like it – it’s a great way to stay active on the web, reach more people and save time doing it. I’m just baffled I need to create a map to know where all my posts will be shown to avoid multi-forwards and circle-forwarding as it grows more complex. I’ll be adding services, and I want to forward content on them, so more complex it will get.

Update 1/7-12: I got some interesting discussion on facebook about this, basically boiling down to “Facebook and Twitter are two diffrent media, so don’t force link them”. To explain it, let’s compare with film. Facebook is your 1,5 hour movie, while Twitter is your 10 minute short film, or sketch. A short film or sketch could deliver a point quickly, or be a good laugh. However, as we’ve too often seen, the same story, character or scenario doesn’t always hold for a full-length movie. The other way, a full-length movie loses a lot of it’s nuance and investment in character when you reduce it to 10 minutes (“Titanic in 5 seconds“, parody as it may be, makes the point).


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