While I studied, I believed starting your own would be some kind of short-cut to having a job. After all, all you have to do is start it and no-one can filter you out!  I sure missed an important aspect of it – you want to be paid to really call it a “job”. And getting there takes a lot of time and a lot of work.

Thankfully, we’re fortunate enough in Sweden to have government-funded university education for up to six years of studies. Which means, you can start that company and study to get the money you need. Drawback, of course, being you have to spend time studying. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Here in Skövde, we’ve also been fortunate enough to have an “entrepreneurship education”, a one-year program teaching very basic economics, marketing and project leading, all while writing a business plan. And the best part have been that it basically leaves you loads of time for that company you’re working on!

But, as I mentioned, that means you sooner or later will need to put time aside to study. Like a weekend. Like right now. And, as with all students who have to study something difficult to motivate, it’s easy to get distracted. By, like, writing this blog post. But it’s personal marketing, so can I use that excuse?

There’s other distractions, too, such as updating a trailer with (placeholder) gameplay footage. Nordic Game Conference is next week (I have to remember the phone charger this time, so you can have pictures!), and I’ll be busy pitching Ovelia: The Wake and Coilworks to various people. Because of that, May’s been stressful, but it’s going to pay off next week.

This past week, I’ve also been approached to test an app called “Dosemem”, which lets diabetics (such as myself) to easily store data about blood sugar, insulin and use that to set goals, search documentation and so on. So far it’s been very useful, so I’ll give the inventor Agneta Toresson some deserved credit. Hopefully she can get it through testing and let any diabetic friend of yours (who understands Swedish) try it out!

I’ve also made slight progress on the strategy board game prototype (which I call “project homecoming”, but thinking about switching to “alien home”), and should probably assemble some first play test soon. There’s just so much other stuff to do, as you may have noted.

Finally, some game-y stuff: I’m been playing Uncharted 3 at a friends house with another friend. It’s interesting how sharing a single-player experience through taking turns and watching each other changes the experience to something a lot more social. I wonder if you could encourage that somehow – it’s something I think many gamers miss out on.

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