Revision to the blog

This is kind of embarrassing.

I started this blog back in… 2007, I think, in an attempt to post once every week and show the world how much I knew in time to have been running for a bit when I would need to find a job.

It didn’t really turn out that way.

The last post is from early 2011 – in other words, I haven’t written anything for a whole year! So I’m not even near one post per week. However, I have no wish to try – I’ve been doing a lot of useful things since then. I made myself a job, as CEO (and producer and designer) at the start-up Coilworks. For a 2011 summary, you could just as well read the Coilworks 2011 retrospective. There are some episodes I’m not adding there, which I may or may not wish to write about in the future.

However, leaving this blog behind wouldn’t be that smart of me. Now I’ve got several brands to build (my own, my company’s and the company’s game’s), so that mean I should use this more rather than less. It also mean I should have what I use cause some effect.

For starters, I’ve recently made my facebook feed public for followers. I usually post links to all manner of things that interests me (games, tech, science, politics, thinkers), and although some private stuff can go through, I’ll try to minimize it. My twitter and youtube activity can also be seen through that feed.

This also means I my regular days could be interesting to people. What does a CEO/producer/designer of a small but ambitious start-up do for a day? My 2007 self would probably love to know, so I’m thinking of doing something by-weekly about it. That way, we can focus on the more exiting things and ignore the dull (shuffling papers and such).

This doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep writing reflections, but those will take more time (something that’s been kind of scarce, and sure will be). I’d like to write a documentary about playing Mass Effect from the first scene of the trilogy to the last in “one life allowed”-mode and without the “easy-way-out”-choices (“charm” and “intimidate”). I’d like to write an analysis of dialogue system design and their implications by comparing several modern conversation-RPG:s. I’d like to write a lot more, all stored in a digital post-it on my desktop, so I hope I’ll get time for it.

To round up, let’s just say that the maxim “the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know” applies – My 2007 self might’ve thought he knew a lot, but my 2012 self know there’s still loads to still learn (although that 2007-self had a few nice views).

// Johannes (of 2012)

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