Goals of 2010: Part 1 – introduction

Some people make promises for the new year, such as “I will start training” or “I will heat healthier”. Fun thing is they never seem to hold, and I’ve only taken one once (I was around 11 and decided to not use any bad language – it held until February when I thought a class-made had flushed my glove). I think it’s pretty silly, but after I decided to not continue with the Student Union-activity in December last year, I set up eight goals which I wished to fulfil with this new-found spare time to direct my efforts. Funnily, life sort of made me fulfil seven of those eight goals in perhaps not the way I intended, but still with acceptable interpretation.

I intend to list those ten goals and how life fulfilled them for me. It’s game related, but primarily it’s because there’s a few fun stories in there and it allows me to show off some actual work. However, listing the thinking behind each of these points would take an insane amount of text to deal with, and no-one would really bother reading it all. So I intend to split it into several parts.

Here’s the goals:

1. Learn UDK and/or Unity
2. Learn Google ScetchUp
3. Build a GUI, preferably in WoW
4. Draw something nice in Photoshop
5. Learn Lua
6. Make five “completed” games for portfolio, prefferably in Game Maker or Unity
7. Build a map in Warcraft 3/Starcraft 2 or World in Conflict
8. Lead a game project or the AGES-board well

I so far haven’t completed 6. There’s still 2 months to go, although it feels unlikely I’ll be able to make five games in two months when I’m already full-booked between 8 and, depending on the day, 17 to 19 or even 22 every working day. Unless I knock it up a notch and make all five during DreamHack (which is four days, but pretty much dedicated to gaming… or game-making). That’s unlikely, however.

Update: I actually haven’t completed 2 or 7 unless you sort of bend the goal a bit. But I’ll talk about that later.

So, with that said, there’s a lot of fun stuff to post about in the coming weeks!

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