Swedish Game Awards-day 09

This Saturday, I and a handful of my teammates on Alcheringa was on the Swedish Game Awards (SGA) final at Försvarshögskolan i Stockholm. I know I took some pictures of it there, but as I burrowed my father’s camera I haven’t got them available at this time. Maybe that’s for another time.

The Final was quite a long day. To get the components needed to set up the computer for the game, we were supposed to be at the site by 09:00, which meant waking up at 07:00 to get ready and drive there. At 11:00, the exhibition began and lasted until 15:00. Four hours where we tried to make as many people as possible stop their walk around to perhaps chat a bit and play our game. Seeing the other games there, we got more and more humble, as we hadn’t seen our game as any good before, but seeing that someone thought our games as good as the others, it couldn’t be that bad. During these hours, we got the honor of being interviewed by Orvar Säfström (most likely for SGA’s own site) and Sam Sundberg (gaming journalist for Svenska Dagbladet – most likely for print on the web, link will be up when the article’s available). At 15:30, the price ceremony went off. And although we didn’t won the Best Innovation award (which we were nominated for), we still felt we won by just being there, getting the experience and changing cards with the others. The day continued with mingle and dinner to 21:00, and then we drove back to Skövde and I could go to bed at 02:30 in the evening. So a fun and really long day.

And don’t worry about those pictures – it’s mostly people in front of computers (although there are dancemat-wrestling storm troopers in there…).

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