Link Tips #1.5

I recently posted a Link Tips-like post in a school-related forum, which was originally intended to be the Link Tips #1. As I sort of forgot the draft while writing it, and having to translate it from Swedish, I pretty much missed it for #1. As this isn’t enough to justify a #2, I’ll simply call it #1.5

Statistically Speaking, It’s Probably a Good Game

This is an article series in three parts about probability and statistics. Although the third part is not published yet, the current two parts are well worth the read. It might seem to start in all seriousness, but it soon turns a lot more… fun.

Part 1 | Part 2

Multiplayer Level Design In-Depth

Another article series, this one about – take a guess- multiplayer level design! There’s a bunch of tips about stuff to think about for a multiplayer level to give variation and attract new as well as old players.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Bad Designer: No Twinkie Database

A yearly article series about design mistakes so common and, frankly, easily avoided that it shouldn’t be in games but still is.

Imagine these being in Issue #1 and you’re on track of the level I want this Link Tips to be at.

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