The Designer’s Journey: Chapter One

There seems to be plenty of common themes between the story structure of The Hero’s Journey and the path to reach the dream job.  I’m not sure if it accounts to everyone in every field, but my story to reach a Game Design position feels a lot like a Hero’s Journey-tale. Thus, The Designer’s Journey is born. It will be a storyfied tale about how I got interested in becoming a game designer and what I’m doing to get there.

July 1994. As with every occation when I would get gifts, the excitement had sky-rocketed through the roof several days ago. I would turn 5 years old this day, and in one of the wraped boxes a wierdly shaped black box was drawn, called a “Sega Mega Drive”. Not knowing a single word of english, it quickly became the nicely rhymed “Sega Mega”. Bewilderingly opening the box, I was told something along the lines of “you can change what happens on the screen”. Imagining gingerbread men dancing at command or something equally silly, I was a bit disappointed only being able to steer some blue blurb through some green hills only to get beaten up by a car with a drill up front. Once the solution was found, however, it was great fun. As I played, I got more and more curious as to how these things on the screen were made, and wanting to get some influence and knowledge how to create those. Only being equiped with pen and paper, the journey began.

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