Why the Blog Died

It’s been two months, almost three, since my last comment, and there’s probably no need in saying the Blog has died awhile. I’ll use this last post to explain the reasoning behind not writing anymore, and give the blog an ending for that future writer I’ve always been referring to.

The primary reason I stopped writing was that I pretty much relized I wrote like some know-it-all, something I am clearly not. And perhaps the second most important reason was that I lost interest in writing the blog – I ran out of interesting topics, and – feeling like I thought I knew about something I did not – stopped enjoying the topics I wrote about, especially “reviews”. That’s perhaps a bit brief, but it very much sums up my reasons.

So, let’s end the blog. I won’t shut it down or deactivate it (as I don’t know how to do either), but will leave it for future reference. Perhaps by that future reader I started it for, perhaps for myself when I want to look back to my opinions in 2008. I just hope that reader will see the good sides and not the not-as-good ones.

// Johannes Smidelöv

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