Thinking: Tutorials

Tutorials are what make you initially learn how to play a certain game. Often they’re quite boring, and sometimes you don’t learn too much from them, either.

My guess on these questions are: Tutorials are no fun because they present no challange or goal. Think that you’ve got the typical RTS-basics of selecting and moving. Normally, you’re just expected to select a peasant and move him to the flag, beacon or whatever. What if this peasant is attacked by a bear, and the peasant is terrified. You have ro select him before he gets slaughtered and flee to the village. You do the same thing, it’s just a bit more fun then before. Note that if you fail, there’s always another peasant.

Another guess: You don’t learn from the tutorials because (apart from not being fun), they’re not very pedagogic. You’re not expected to know the multiplications tables by solving each pair only once, you have to repeat it a few times. Grind? Yes, but just a short one to make the knowledge stick.

When you’re done with the basic tutorials it’s time to play. But what if you could return to more advanced tutorials, that teaches you a few tricks of the game? This would be stuff like Snaking in F-zero or kiting in Starcraft. More difficult stuff you need some practice on that’s not compulory knowledge to play the game, but that gives you an advantage to know. This way you can return at any time to the tutorials to learn new things. Perhaps you could also make a Tutorial Editor to let people share turorials, and who knows what happens?


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