“Review”: Deus Ex

Before I begin, let’s do the apologies. I have not finished the game, or even played it since I started mentioning it. This means I can’t tell how good the ending is, for instance (I’ve heard it’s great, though) or how the difficulty towards the end of the game. With all that said, it’s time to get this review done.

Deus Ex is still a good game. I haven’t played it before (with the exception of the first few levels), and I didn’t try it out when it was new. But, seeing how good it still is, I understand those who state it’s awesome. It has a story that turns into a huge conspiracy, it has several ways of solving most of the troubles you are put against (and most have to be discovered by you, no “guide” telling you all options as soon as a choice appears) and it has a nice way to handle weapons in a non-shooter. It has pretty bad voice acting at some parts, but pretty much everything is voice acted – and there are a lot of people saying a lot of things – so it can be excused.

About the weapon handling: You equip a item like pressing a key from 1-0 representing that item – sort of like every FPS you’ve ever played, with the difference that you can switch the items in these as you want (like most MMOs). You put the item back by right-clicking, and use it by left-clicking (like, shooting). For me, most of these items were weapons, and that’s why I’ve been talking about weapons, but it can also be items like lock picks, multi tools, grenades or armors. Because items are so easy to put back into the inventory, you tend to walk around without them – which probably is intended, this isn’t a shooter!

The choices I spoke about earlier tends to appear in the way of “shoot the guy, or do something to get around” – like using a computer terminal to shut down robots, turn them against their allies or open doors, or using the lock picks and multi tools to get around into sneaky ways around. Even though these options are very frequent, I sometimes find myself having to shoot one guy or another . There are non-lethal weapons, as well, something they’re busy letting you know in the beginning, but it’s slower then killing them and it fills the same function, only slower, which makes you wonder why you should use it, anyway.

Deus Ex takes place in about 2050, and was released around 2000 – so fifty years of history is missing. The developers have smartly solved this by, apart from filling in with enough back-story, using a lot of historical references to the Medieval ages, 18th century, world war 2 and a lot of other things, so those fifty years sort of disappear in relation.

There’s probably a lot more to say about this game, but I want to sum up: This feels a lot like a mix of the thinking and atmosphere of an RPG with the perspective and fighting-system of a FPS. Which I believe was the intention all along. That will have to be my sentence this time.

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