“Review”: Burnout 3

As anyone following this blog might have noticed, there hasn’t been any activity here in awhile, only going a few posts more and more seldom. The major reason for this is: time. it’s the last stretch on school right now, having tests or deadlines every week, and on top of that I’ve gotten myself a evening-and-weekend job, which means less time to study, and in turn less free time. Which means less time for this blog.

Anyway, now I’ve gotten myself some time, and I’ve got some things to write about – I’ll save some of it for later and hope to get more info (still have to beat Deus Ex- it’s kind of low-priority). Right now, I want to talk about Burnout 3.

Burnout 3 is an aggressive racer in a current-day setting. The core is about racing to the finish-line before your opponents, and knocking them out for spectacular crashes and boost improvements, as well as doing dare devil stuff to gain more boost. And it’s really, really, fun – in single player career mode.

The issues arrives when you get into any other mode. Where the single-player career mode uses a very pedagogical map to select which stage you wish to play, the other modes selects a stage from a list of their “names” – something that’s impossible to remember only by name (heck, I barely know the name of E1M1 from Doom, but I remember the whole stage, apart from that), and where single-player has a long drawing distance allowing you to easily dodge incoming cars, the split-screen reduces it a bit which makes cars appear in front of your nose a split second before you smash into them. Not to mention the sound-track, which makes the whole racing feel very cool, mutes in multiplayer. No, the soundtrack isn’t that great as stand-alone,  but it’s great within the “crazy racers”-setting.

The big news when Burnout 3 was released was the crash-mode. This mode is very much the thinker of this game – you have to have a plan to succeed. And it’s also really fun (in short sessions) – but, again, the drawing range reduction of multi player sort of cuts the fun out. The car crashes as slightest nudge, you see, so crashing a hundred meters before you intended makes the mode a lesson of frustration rather then the (presumably) intended co-op fun. And, before anyone asks, I haven’t tried it out on-line, so that’s not a part of the review.

Sentence: A great single-player game, but multi-player could’ve been left out for more attention to the single-player.

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