Blog/Life note: Void

Time flies! When all tests stop coming in, when you think you can get time to write here, you get a job you educate to and suddently that time went away. And then the high-school/university assignments open up, which takes the remaining evenings. And then you have to write an application for your first pick, taking even more time. But now I might get some time to post! Huzzah!

Question is, about what? I thought I could write about menues earlier this week, when I saw how Buitiful Katamari had done it, which felt really cool. But I don’t really have that much more to add to that, very few games do menus that’s not just text on buttons on a row. I’ve been thinking of doing a review on World in Conflict, which I bought a month or so ago, but I dunno – there’s not that much to say. The teamwork-stuff depends on knowing people playing, which I don’t, so I can’t really do fair criticism about it. I could write about Warhammer Online or Starcraft 2, but I don’t want to turn my blog into a Hype-machine, so let’s not.

Well, at least I can wish you all a merry Easter!

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