Life Note: Sports-holidays!

Or whatever the word would be in English. It’s a week off next week, anyway, so I might be able to not focus as much on the studies as I have these weeks. Which might mean I can get stuff to write on this blog. I sure hope so, I haven’t found anything to write about since last post, really, even though I’ve bought World in Conflict and installed a demo of a really cool politician-game called “democracy”. Perhaps I can “review” one of those soon.

And perhaps I should allow myself to “review” other stuff then full, retail, games. They’re quite expensive, after all, and I it won’t hold to only focus on those in the long run. Some flash-games, cell-games, advertgames, demos, persuasive games and indie-games could be useful to write about, too. The world of games is so much more then AAA-titles and your favorite review-site.

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