Army of One in FPS

It was awhile ago I made my last post. During this time, I have had a few topics to write about, but haven’t had an idea of what my point should be or what to use as examples. I believe I have that now.

What this post will comment is the ability to wield every weapon at once or being able to use every weapon in the game perfectly from the get-go (and not about the flood of enemies you slay – I’ve already mentioned that). For instance, in the Quake and UT-series, you can wield something like 10 weapons at the same time while several being very heavy. This doesn’t affect your movement any tiny bit, or make you heavier in any sense. No, I’m not going to suggest a Tibia-inventory (Tibia had a weight-based inventory with a weight-limit and the closer you were to that limit the slower you became), but it doesn’t make sense to run around with a BFG, a rail-gun, a plasma-cannon, a pistol, a shotgun and lots and lots of ammunition for all these at the same time. Not even guys like Rambo can do that (and he’s fictional, too)!

Thankfully, that way of doing things have been going away for the last years, not so little thanks to Halo. Nowadays, you’re often restricted to two or three weapons (I’m going to list all combinations there is, because I’ll go OT if I do) , and a few grenades at that. And lots and lots of ammunition. But what you wield still don’t affect your movement in any way. And you’re trained in every weapon for all sides in the whole war! This made sense for Master Chief (as they already in the advertisement of Halo stated that “you’re trained in all weapons and vehicles”), but it doesn’t in, like WW2 (unless I’m mistaken, CoD uses this system). How can you handle several kinds of weapons so well of different models just from seeing it? That’s like knowing every language of the world just because you’ve heard them!

But, as I believe that complaining is only valid if you’ve got a better idea, what do I suggest? For gun-usage, I’ll say “Deus Ex”, and I’ll say “experience points”. In Deus Ex, you receive experience as you come further in the story which you can use to get further training in different weapon types (pistols, rifles, explosives, rockets etc.) that affected your accuracy and reload-time of the weapon. You can use all from the start, although poorly. This system would work fine in single-player, but the obvious question-to-come is “what about multiplayer?” Even here, you could use this sort of experience. You kill something (with any weapon-type) and you get the XP. Sort of how MMOs does it, but still not.

For ammunition, I’ll say “Chronicles of Riddik” (there’s probably others, but that’s the one I remember). There, you gain clips instead of ammunition from guards (the primary enemy). When the bullets are out, you reload and use up a clip. If you reload when you still have bullets, you still lose a clip with those spare bullets gone forever (*sniff*). But I don’t remember it having any limit (had 40 clips in my Assault Rifle, every having 30 or so bullets, at one point with no sign of limit), so there should be.

And, finally, the “affecting movement” I’ve been talking about! I can’t just refer to a title here, so I’ll just describe it. Obviously, equipping a large weapon like a rocket-launcher would make you go half-limp, because that thing on your shoulder would cause an imbalance on you. Likewise, wielding a BGF in front of you would likely cause you to walk a bit bend-back to compensate for the weight on front, alternatively bending your legs to carry to weight and go a bit slower to not fall. Like when you carry heavy stuff. This pretty much requires that your movement forward is set by taking steps forward, or it will only be an animation that annoys you. And, as long as the weapon is equipped, you would fall faster, not jump as high and take more fall-damage (it’s in the nature of physics).

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