Some other guy’s idea makes me feel smart

Just read through Rock, Paper, Shotgun about DICE’s new project, Mirror’s Edge. Although the idea in itslef is enough to make me all smiles for the rest of the day, it gets even better when I found out I’ve basicly have had the same thoughts independently, and even wrote about it here recently! Which means I’ve had the same idea as the smart guy on Dice. And if great minds do think alike, it makes me a great mind!

I hope I’ll one day get this sort of great idea and have the ablity to relize it first…

4 Responses to Some other guy’s idea makes me feel smart

  1. tobbas says:

    Du vet att det korrekta uttrycket är “Great minds think alike” inte “smart”.

  2. johannessmidelov says:

    Tack. Översättningsfel från min sida. Ändrar det omgående.

  3. tobbas says:

    I love how you take credits for another man’s work. That’s the spirit of a real game designer (or copycat). Maybe that’s what you’ll realize next time a great idea “pops up”.

  4. johannessmidelov says:

    It’s not unusual that more then one person thinks in the same lines at one given point. On the contrary, many inventions and discoveries have been made by several people independently in a short amount of time, although it’s only the one who’s first that goes down to history, while the others are forgotten (to the degree of not being public knowledge). The reason this happens is because ideas circulate in a climate that supports such ideas, and the frames and tools to discover or invent them are present. For instance, no one would have invented a computer if there were no electricity.

    Which gives me all the right in the world to take credit for my own ideas and announcing to the after-world I’ve had them independently.

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