Hello world!

So, this is the first post on my new Blog. It’s intended to be used as a possible portfolio the day I send applications to get into the industry. So what am I thinking of writing about? There’s a lot, but I’m thinking of three things (might get more some day): Theories on parts of Game Design (especially if there’s a debate going on about it), Reviews of older games (not shiny new anymore, but not yet classics) and notes of my own life. I hope to get into a school-program on Game Designing or just Game Development later this year, and hope to post stuff about what new things I learn then.

So, that’s what I want to post.

Edit: As it’s said in the Introduction, I’m Swedish. The reason I write in English is to not limit myself to a Swedish-speaking audience, and keep as many doors open as possible. Hey, even the Swedish devs wants to see good English, so using Swedish here would actually close all doors possible.

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